3 Key Features For The Best Office Space

3 Key Features For The Best Office Space

Monday, 26 August 2019
3 Key Features For The Best Office Space

Office For Rent In KL | Plaza Hap Seng

Do you know what makes the best office space? If you are looking to rent an office space for your company with a conducive and productive working environment, there are three factors that makes one office better than the next. And if you say it is all about the interior design, we beg to differ.

Office Space In KL | Plaza Hap Seng

Office For Rent In Kuala Lumpur | Plaza Hap Seng

Yes, we all want to own and work in a Google-style office with colourful slides and high-tech sleeping pods. However, the exterior is just as important as what is inside. In fact, the location of an office plays a big role in business growth and employment. These are the three key location features for a good office space that you should start looking for now:

#1 Business Hub

Business Hub | Plaza Hap Seng

Is your office space in a business hub? Is it in the city or close to the city? When it comes to meeting clients and closing business deals, having an office in the city makes it convenient and easily accessible to all. Now, imagine losing a client because your office space is hidden in the outskirts of the city. Imagine losing a good candidate for employment because the location doesn’t offer a work-life balance. Imagine having no motivation to work because the space isn’t equipped with a comfortable working environment that most buildings in the cities are designed for. If you want to seize as many opportunities as possible, the city is where dreams are made—the city is where your office should be.

Additionally, keep an eye out for offices that offer connectivity between their buildings. A good example is Plaza Hap Seng, as their 3 towers are connected to the next via a link bridge.

Interlink Towers in Plaza Hap Seng | Plaza Hap Seng

The unique benefit of this feature is the convenient accessibility to the venues spread across the towers for its occupants. And to top it off, Plaza Hap Seng also features Malaysia's First-Ever Vertical Green Wall!

Malaysia’s First Vertical Green Wall at Office Space | Plaza Hap Seng

#2 Public Transport

Rapid KL Public Transport | Plaza Hap Seng

Of course, being in a city without public transport can be a nightmare. Nobody likes being stuck in the rush hour traffic or the daily jam. Not only is it difficult navigating through the hustle and bustle, it can cause stress and even make one late for a meeting. Hence, it is important to look for an office space that is close to railway tracks. Public transport that runs on an automated schedule allows for affordable, easy, and fast transport around town. Hence, the best office space shouldn’t only look stylish with glass walls and polished floors but must be a place clients and employees can access with ease.

#3 Amenities

Office Space Near Gym in KL | Plaza Hap Seng

Restaurants Near Office Space in KL | Plaza Hap Seng

Lastly, you will need amenities. We are not talking about amenities inside the office but amenities surrounding the office space. Is your office space close to banks, shopping malls, restaurants, gyms, hotels, and entertainment? Can you and your clients access facilities within walking distance? Are your employees able to find food during their lunch break or relax after a long and stressful time at work? The third feature that makes an office space the best choice is a space that is surrounded with everything you need.

Did you guess correctly? Challenge your friends!

These three factors are just as important as the factors you listed down on your own. An office space is more than a place where work happens. Where it is located will affect your business in the long run! So remember to find an office space that offers you the best for your company to grow.

Looking for an office space for rent in KL? Look no further! Plaza Hap Seng offers all the three features above! It is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, neighbouring two monorail stations and two LRT stations, and is surrounded with amenities for you, your business partners, and your employees. It also boasts a comfortable working environment with green spaces for productivity. Find out more about one of the best office spaces in town now!