Hap Seng Industrial Hub

What Does Hap Seng Industrial Hub Have To Offer?

Monday, 10 June 2019
What Does Hap Seng Industrial Hub Have To Offer?

Why Should You Choose Hap Seng Industrial Hub

If you have been looking for a space to rent for your production or warehousing needs, Hap Seng Industrial Hub might just be the perfect place for you. Here are three main reasons why this advanced business and industrial venue is worth your every ringgit.

#1 Prime Business Location

The Hap Seng Industrial Hub is situated over 20 acres of land in Seksyen 23, Shah Alam. It stands alongside a host of established multinational corporations such as Volvo, Nestle, Panasonic, F&N Beverages, Nippon Paint, DHL, and more. The hub itself is also surrounded by hospitals, banks, retail outlets, recreational centres, and food and beverage joints. Additionally, its centralised location makes it a convenient business point as it is only 18 km to Subang Airport, 35 km to KL city centre, 45 km to KLIA and KLIA2, and 25 km to Port Klang.

Warehouse in Shah Alam | Hap Seng Industrial Hub

#2 Four Types Of Dynamic Units

The forward-thinking unit specifications of the Hap Seng Industrial Hub was designed to accommodate virtually all of your business’ needs. The four dynamic unit types include Detached 3-storey units with highly-functional layouts and an enhanced unit space, Semi-Detached space-efficient 5-storey units with room for expansion, Flatted Warehouse 6-storey units with high-capacity functionality and maximum industrial space, and Retail, F&B, and Office 5-storey units with optimum sizes and direct access.

#3 Amazing Features And Facilities

The Hap Seng Industrial Hub offers exceptional features and facilities that cover premium security and traffic management systems (which includes security fencing, centralised command centre, visitor management system, and 24-hour CCTV surveillance), a dedicated basement level car park that spans almost the entire business park (which offers 900 private vehicles a convenient and safe access to key areas within the address itself), communal business facilities that create a complete and fulfilling business environment for your personnel, and a high-speed fibre optic backbone for seamless internet connectivity and business operations.

So if you are looking for an innovative industrial space that will give your business a distinct advantage, the Hap Seng Industrial Hub is a great space to consider. The wide roads, dedicated unit drop-offs, controlled access and ingress points, landscaped outdoor areas, and intelligent spatial allocations will provide your business a safer, more efficient, and well-integrated environment.

Want to learn more or secure yourself a highly-in-demand unit? Get in touch with Hap Seng Land today!